Day 3 - How to Get Trained to be the Best Wellness Coach

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Day 1

How to Empower Your Clients to Transform Health

Day 2

How to Make Money as a Wellness Coach

Day 3

How to Get Trained to be the Best Wellness Coach

What paths lead to becoming a Wellness Coach?  

Ultimately, there are two well travelled paths to becoming a Wellness Coach. 

  • Certification or Degree Program
  • Mentorship and Life Experience Program
Neither is right or wrong. They are simply different paths to choose from.

Certification or Degree Program

  • Offers perceived credibility

  • High cost of entry and annual fees for associations, re-certification, and continued education.

  • In business on your own or under the practice of someone else

  • Little to no guidance in products, services, marketing, etc.

Mentorship Program & Life Experience

  • Credibility comes from the combined experience in the community/mentors

  • Solid mentorship from leaders on systems, marketing, and strategies for building a thriving business

  • Low cost of entry and more affordable ways of continuing education

As You Choose Your Path Keep in Mind...

The 2 Critical Skills to Transform Health for Your Clients

  • Skill 1 - Holding and facilitating a neutral, safe, and judgement free space 
  • Skill 2 - Neutral journey navigation and course correction 

The 2 Crucial Factors to Making Money as a Wellness Coach

  • Diverse Income Streams 
  • Effective Marketing Strategies 
**If you choose a program that doesn't keep the important skills and factors in mind. Just know that you'll need to pursue those outside of what program you choose to maximize your success and the results for your clients as well.

What Does Core Wellness Offer? 

Whether you choose to explore the Core Wellness Programs or not, we appreciate you investing your time in exploring becoming a Wellness Coach.

If you use the information shared within this Summit, you're sure to be on the path to becoming an awesome Wellness Coach. 

Here at Core Wellness we offer two different paths to becoming a Wellness Coach that align with the Mentorship and Life Experience Path shared within this Summit.

The first option is to choose a Solo Path. Our Solo Paths are designed with the coursework and mentorship you need to get started as a Wellness Coach. 

You can choose from the following programs:

  • Equine Naturopathy Level 1  Available now

  • Equine Naturopathy Level 1 & 2 Bundle (Level 1 is required to join Level 2) **Level 2 to Launch mid Jan 2023**

  • Canine Naturopathy Level 1  **Launching March 2023**

  • Canine Naturopathy Level 1 & 2 Bundle (Level 1 is required to join Level 2)**Level 2 to Launch April 2023**

You can upgrade to Level 2 at a later date if you choose to join at Level 1 to get started.

The Solo Programs do not include any training or strategy for income plans or marketing. 

The best value and support comes when you join our Core Wellness Team Programs. Alongside the mentorship and coursework of the Solo Programs, Core Wellness Coaches gain access to a full marketing strategy and plan to generate diverse income streams!

Both Canine and Equine Solo Programs are including with our Core Wellness Team Plan. 

To learn more about either our Solo or Team Programs select your preferred option below. 

Explore the Core Wellness Coach Team Path

Mentorship, training, skill building, beginner marketing strategy, advanced marketing strategy, diverse streams of income plan, products, and MORE!

Explore the Solo Equine Naturopathy Path

Discover a forgotten framework of care that will transform horse health.

Solo Canine Naturopathy Path

Launching in Spring of 2023! Join the waitlist and learn more.

Thank you for investing your time in our Wellness Coach Summit! We hope that it serves you well on your journey to becoming a Wellness Coach.

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