Day 2 - How to Make Money as a Wellness Coach

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How to Empower Your Clients to Transform Health

Day 2

How to Make Money as a Wellness Coach

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How to Get Trained to be the Best Wellness Coach

Can you make meaningful income as a Wellness Coach? 

The answer is YES! 

You ultimately have unlimited ways to generate income as a Wellness Coach.

Now let's be real and clarify what meaningful income is for you right now... 

Your Desired Income as a Wellness Coach

  • Would your desire be to earn an extra $500 per month to cover the crazy inflation we’ve experienced? 

  • Would it be to earn an extra $1000 per month? 

  • Or is your desire closer to earning $5,000 or even $10,000 per month? 

  • What do you believe is possible for a Wellness Coach to make monthly? 

Let's Explore Your Desired Income Further

Society chases after a broken model

  • How do you feel about your monthly income desire?
  • Do you think it will be hard?
  • Will you have to sacrifice personal time and work long hours? 
  • What comes up for you?
The truth is, living your dream life on your 9-5 paycheck isn’t realistic. Neither is trading your time for money with professional services. Why? Because it’s built on a broken income model… One of linear income which means you do all the heavy lifting and you only see a limited financial benefit. 

It's time to diversify your income streams

  • Linear Income - work one time, paid one time, trading time for money

  • Leveraged Income - one to many, work once, paid many times, trading time for leveraged money

  • Passive Income - receiving money from assets you've created or purchased. Money comes in with little to no focused effort.

  • Residual Income - receiving money from the work and efforts from a network of others that you have invested time and mentorship in to duplicate a proven system.

What fuels your income streams? 

The cold hard truth...

No degree, certification, or credibility will be great enough to overcome NOT taking action with marketing. PERIOD.

If you don’t market effectively, you won’t have a successful Wellness Coaching business.

This is another facet that most programs and even colleges don’t properly prepare people for.

You will need:

Once you have a plan of what your diverse and multiple streams of income will be you will need to market your services, products, and value to the marketplace.

To do this there are 4 things you must factor in:

  • Customers
  • Lead Generation
  • Traffic
  • Target Market

Two Critical Factors

Ultimately to make money as a Wellness Coach you must have diverse income streams and an effective marketing strategy!

If you're ready to make money and develop a thriving business as a Wellness Coach... It's time to explore how to get trained to be the best!

We'll see you tomorrow for Day 3 of our Wellness Coach Summit.

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