Day 1 - How to Empower Your Clients to Transform Health

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Day 1

How to Empower Your Clients to Transform Health

Day 2

How to Make Money as a Wellness Coach

Day 3

How to Get Trained to be the Best Wellness Coach

Is Wellness Coaching a Real Career Path?

According to Precedence Research, the global health coach market size was accounted at USD 13.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach over USD 25.95 billion by 2030.

In a June 2022 article Forbes stated that “the demand for qualified health coaches—and the number of roles available for these individuals—is increasing every day. Individuals from other fields are now pursuing health coaching as a viable and fulfilling career direction.”

Would you enjoy being a Wellness Coach?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will find Wellness Coaching fulfilling as a career path.

  • Do you love talking about health and wellness?

  • Do you find yourself teaching others what food and lifestyle choices lead to vibrant health?

  • Do you feel called to share your own experience with transforming your health?

  • Do you like to help others tap into and see their own strengths?

  • Do you want to help others reclaim their health, their horse's health, or even their dog's health?

Welcome to having a human brain...

If you're feeling insecure or having thoughts like:

  • But no one would listen to me
  • I don’t have enough experience
  • Maybe when life slows down and I have more time
  • Maybe when I get the transformation I’ve been working for with my health, my horse’s health, or my dog’s health
  • I’m not ready just yet
  • I’m not sure I can do it

Welcome to the joys of having a human brain!

Like you, most of our Wellness Coaches struggle with doubt when they are just getting started!

It's common to wonder if you're capable of being a successful Wellness Coach.

Because you likely feel surrounded by people telling you, to do something “normal” or stop being so different.

When you tell people you want to be a wellness coach, especially if you want to specialize in dogs and horses, they will tell you that you’re crazy, that it isn’t a real thing, and that it sounds like hobby not a career.

They might tell you that you’ll never make any money.

That you have to be board certified or licensed.

That no one would listen to you.

ALL the things… 

But let’s take a moment and revisit the market stats again shall we… 

13.6 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to reach over 25.95 billion USD by 2030. 

Being a Wellness Coach IS a viable and real career path.

You are capable.

You are worth investing the time and money into, to become a Wellness Coach.

With the right business plan, model, and marketing YOU CAN BE A SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE WELLNESS COACH. 


You have a general pull or nudge that you want to become a Wellness Coach or you wouldn’t be here…

We asked some questions to confirm that yes, you’re in the right place.

But it's possible you're still wondering what a Wellness Coach is.

What a Wellness Coach is NOT.

  • A wellness coach is NOT a medical professional

  • A wellness coach is NOT a mental health professional

  • A wellness coach is NOT a nutritionist

  • A wellness coach does NOT diagnose

  • A wellness coach does NOT treat or assist in treating

  • A wellness coach does NOT prescribe medication or protocols

A Wellness IS...

  • A wellness coach is an educator

  • A wellness coach is a guide

  • A wellness coach is a mentor

A Wellness Coach Empowers Others by Sharing on Topics Like

  • How to make lifestyle shifts that generate better health and vitality

  • How to seek out solutions not shared in the mainstream industries

  • How to feel confident in their decision-making around health

  • How to find tools and resources in relation to health

  • How to discover and resolve the root cause of concerns and long-term solutions to vitality

2 Crucial Skills to Empowering Your Clients to Transform Health 

Skill 1 - Facilitate a neutral, safe, and judgement free space 

Ask powerful and curious questions to help them find their next right step.

It’s not your job to give advice or tell them what they should do. Only they know that answer. It’s your job to help them find it and realize it. Through asking powerful and curious questions that help you hear their answer so that you can reflect it to them. Allowing them to perceive their own insight and understanding.

Sometimes, they will not choose what you think and believe is right. That's okay!

Skill 2 - Neutral journey navigation & course correction 

This is still a continuation of holding space… you must remain centered, neutral, and unattached to any outcome or results.

You continue to listen, observe, and plot the journey of health for your client. Like it were a journey with a physical map.

This concludes Day 1 of the Wellness Coach Summit. Watch your email tomorrow for access to Day 2 How to Make Money as a Wellness Coach.

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