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how to make more money doing what you love with horses

5 Steps to Developing Your Equine-Based Business into a Profitable Asset 

We serve...

The horse trainer who is tired of working with clients that aren't open to giving horses the time they need to develop. Owners that don't want to learn and quit too soon. Even with a great business plan in place, it feels like there isn't enough of the right interest in your services to make it work. 

We are here to shift that experience! To give you the tools and strategy to market yourself more effectively; in a way that attracts the RIGHT clients to you. 

We want to help you grow a continual list of ready, willing, and eager horse owners who recognize your expertise and even refer you more business!

Who we serve...

The riding instructor who wants to help her students achieve their goals faster, keep them progressing even when the lesson ends, and most importantly help them gain confidence and skills in their desired discipline. But faces countless limitations of time constraints, fitness levels, and the curve ball of climate conditions.

What if you could structure your marketing in a way that guides students through a streamlined process that was more flexible, leveraged, and allowed you to reach a greater sphere of students that are excited to dive in and excel with your guidance and support.

Who we serve...

The equine bodyworker who isn't overly excited about the time-consuming travel and the long tiring days. But who sees it through another day because she knows in her heart the effectiveness of her work and what it does to benefit the horse.

Who has a handful of amazing clients who have stuck with therapy sessions for an extended period of time and are a testament to why she's in business. When burn out creeps in it's these clients and their horses that keep her going... She can't help but wish there were 100 more just like them.

Our goal is to guide equine bodyworkers through a marketing strategy that generates an abundance of horse owners who are focused and driven to see their horse experience relief, balance, and health span through an aligned and relaxed body moving in harmony!

Who we serve...

The equine passionate professional...

The truth is we can't fit ALL of the professionals that Core Wellness is a perfect fit for on one page!

The education, strategy, and tools serve a wide range of equine entrepreneurs.

From clinicians, farriers, barn managers, equestrian event planners, equine health coaches, nutritionists, veterinarians, chiropractors, and MORE.

If you have a heart for making a difference in the lives of horses and those who love them... we are here to serve you!

Free Cheat Sheet

How to make more money doing what you love with horses

5 Steps to Developing Your Equine-Based Business into a Profitable Asset 

Welcome to Core Wellness

Our team has vast experience in the equine professional space. Over 100+ years combined experience. We understand that there are aspects of our horse focused businesses that aren't like others!

For years we've searched out tools, recourses, communities, and coaches that were equine focused... Sadly, what we had all found was ineffective, behind the times approaches to business.

Over the past 2 decades our team members have worked with amazing coaches, mentors, programs, software, and tools that were not specialized to the equine professional.

We've taken all of the best of what we've learned and experienced from growing our own equine businesses and have designed the tools, strategies, resources, and platform we wished we had when we got started!