Equine Naturopathy 

Discover a forgotten framework of care that will transform horse health.

Who can you serve as an Equine Wellness Coach?

When you step into becoming a Equine Wellness Coach you can empower horse owners who have tried everything else and feel frustrated but aren't ready to quit. You can share the resources that solve their horse's concern!

You can work with new horse owners, helping them build their knowledge and confidence.

Or seasoned horse owners that know from experience that the traditional ways of caring for their horse is falling short and they're ready to get their horse to a vibrant level of health with quality of life.

Offering solutions for senior horses who present with more chronic or increased number of health concerns.

While keeping young horses vibrant and healthy, preserving their soundness and longevity.

Equine Naturopathy

Level 1 


  • 6 one on one Mentorship Calls to work side by side through your case studies
  • Certificate of Completion with Course & Case Study Fulfillment
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
"The biggest take away from the Equine Naturopathy Program was truly how everything in the system is truly connected. Also through the class Angie really taught the language to use to help my clients understand the steps they will have to take and why they arWPCID:2195371e seeing the symptoms they are. "
~ Sarah Huftalen - Healthihealing 

Expanding the Value of What You Currently Offer

Being an Equine Wellness Coach doesn't have to be a stand alone business or service. Although it certainly can be...

Many equine professionals are choosing to add Wellness Coach to what they currently offer to serve their clients with the goals they have for their horse.

From performance riders and trainers who want their equine athlete to have the competitive edge and who want to achieve peak performance levels with the horses they work with.

Or the horse rescue and equine advocates who need the skills to support troubled, abandoned, abused, and neglected horses in the most effective and affordable way possible. 

To body workers and alternative health practitioners who experience limits in results due to imbalanced lifestyle that the horse lives. From nutrition concerns to general equine husbandry. 

Adding Wellness Coach to your training and experience expands your credibility and the value that you provide to your clients. 
Equine Naturopathy Level 1

Module 1

Discover the philosophy of Naturopathy, the real health focused modality. Revealing the truth behind the rising number of illness and disease in horses and how to reserve the trend.

Module 2

Debunking the myth of complete and balanced nutrition. How to implement whole food based nutrition not created in a lab and that is aligned with the design of the horse.

Module 3

Even the best nutrition is void if the delivery system fails to get the nutrients where they need to go... Learn what lifestyle changes a

Module 4

Explore common sense, time proven principles on parasite control that deem toxic chemical parasite treatments obsolete and last resort options at best. 

Module 5

Learn how to hold space and guide your clients from a place of neutrality, ensuring they get the best results possible. This is when life experience and mentorship kick in with you completing six case studies with mentorship.


Gain insider perspectives and Naturopathy views to hot topics like vaccines, the use of bits, and metal shoes. 

"My biggest take home from this course was to not treat the symptoms of the disease but to create good health by starting with the digestive system. "
~ Anna Collis- Harmony For Horses 

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