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Consistency is key...

Build rapport, trust, and influence with our done for you social media plan. 

Time Sensitive Schedule as appropriate

Schedule posts for the holidays you celebrate.
Time Sensitive Schedule as appropriate

Schedule posts for the holidays you celebrate.

Time Sensitive Post

If you use fecal egg counts for your horse's or your dog's parasite control program. Be sure to collect and send in samples between December 23rd to 25th to work with the moon cycle.

Time Sensitive

Natural parasite control works with the patterns and cycles of nature to get the best results... Work with the moon cycle to maximize the efforts of your parasite control program for your horse, your dog, and even for your own personal health.

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Are there symptoms in your your horse's health that get worse in the winter or when it gets cold?

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It's time to let go of dead weight... and do more of what carries you.

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Does your horse experience health increased health concerns when cold weather moves in?

Reduce the risk of that illness pattern and transform your horse's health with 3 simple steps!

Comment "Winter" below or message me for my latest cheat sheet with 3 Surefire Steps to Transform Your Horse's Health.
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If the cold weather doesn't stop you from riding... check out these Winter Riding Tips.

When you focus on health good things happen... 
So many stories of transformation that begin when health is magnified! 
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Proper warm up is important for ALL riding sessions but especially in cold weather. Because of the cold... Muscle, joints, and connective tissues can require extra warm up to soften, limber, and stretch.

Keep up the great work!

Be sure to be "social" and share about you, your horse, or your dog on social media alongside these marketing templates. 

Share fun videos, meme, updates, and more to let people get to know you! 

Make a habit of posting your own posts or sharing other content you enjoy at least 2 to 3 times per week, in conjunction to your marketing posts.

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If you're looking to support your horse's joints this winter season, check out Wild Fed Horse Joint Support 2. 

Wild Fed provides organic and well balanced herbal blends that support your horse's wellbeing. 

With the Wild Fed Joint Formulas, you can rotate between formula 1 and 2, to maximize your horse's results with natural moderation and rotation. 

Order your horse a bag today -

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Don't let the winter cold get to your bones... which of these 12 Winter teas would you be most likely to try?

My first pick would be (list your pick).

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Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. ~Edith Sitwell
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The holiday season doesn't have to equal cold and flu season for you... 

By increasing a few key vitamins and nutrients you can thrive through this holiday season. 

Check out these nutrients from the link below.
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Let this winter be the season you transformed your health in 3 simple steps!

Comment "winter" below or message me to grab my newest cheat sheet on the 3 Surefire Steps to Transform Your Health.
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Are there symptoms in your health that get worse in the winter or cold months?

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A great routine to bust out of the winter time blues in less than 10 minutes!

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Share something about you that aligns with winter. Share a tip, hack, or something about what you love or hate about winter...

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Who do you know that would a perfect fit to become a Core Wellness Coach?

We are expanding our team and are looking to mentor those who are passionate about transforming health for horses, dogs, and their humans too!
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You've likely heard of the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics... But have you heard of the benefits of postbiotics?