The Core Wellness Team Path

The Core Wellness Team Path to serving as a Wellness Coach provides the best value and shares with you a proven plan and strategy to help you hit the ground running. Setting you up for the quickest return on investment possible. We lock arms as a Team and raise the tide of success for every Core Wellness Coach Team Member who plugs in and takes action! 

Mentorship & Training

Our Team has over 100 years of combine experience in business, marketing, leadership, and holistic health. Each Core Wellness Business Mentor has unique skills, background, and experience to contribute. This mentorship serves alongside an extensive library of step by step training programs. 

Plug & Play Marketing Strategy

It's like having a map to follow to increasing your influence, contacts, leads, and sales. As a Core Wellness Coach you have access to a FULL online marketing strategy. From basic social media marketing to advanced online funnels. You have access to everything you need to market your business successfully.

Diverse Income Stream Opportunities

The most stable, sustainable, and thriving businesses have diversified streams of income. As a Core Wellness Coach you have exclusive income opportunities at your fingertips that align with serving as a Wellness Coach.

Core Wellness Chosen Partner

Here at Core Wellness we have chosen to share and connect with the Global Leader of Nutrigenomics and Activating Health - LifeVantage. Joining the Core Wellness Team is joining LifeVantage. We want to take a moment to share with you a quick introduction to LifeVantage, so you can decide if our Team is in alignment with you as you continue to learn more about the Core Wellness Team Path.

How to Get Started

Level 1

Core Wellness Coach

$309plus tax & shipping

Affordable Start
  • $300+ LV Retail Product to Experience & Share
  • Monthly Swipe Social Media Posts
  • 4+ Plug and Play Lead Magnets 
  • Advanced Online Marketing Swipe Files** Additional Monthly fees for software apply.
  • Level 1 Equine Naturopathy Course ($499 value - instant access)
  • Level 1 Canine Naturopathy Course ($499 value - available Spring 2023)
  • Continued Mentorship & Support
  • ** Additional minimal monthly subscription is required to maintain active status. Varies by country and your goals.

Core Wellness Plug & Play Marketing Strategy

Whether you're a beginner at marketing or you're an advanced marketer ready to scale, the Core Wellness Team Path has the marketing strategy you need to grow and expand your audience, influence, and reach. 

Typically you would end up wasting countless hours in trial and error that leads to frustration... Or throwing away thousands of dollars in ads, gurus, or marketing managers that leave you feeling out of the loop, confused, and overwhelmed.

With the Core Wellness Team Path, we have social media strategies built in and included with the supportive training and mentorship you need to become confident in how to effectively market your business.

Then if you choose to advance your marketing skills with only a small monthly investment you can setup a full online marketing system with our ready to use swipe website pages, lead generation tools, email autoresponder series, and newsletters. The swipe files are included with your Team Path investment, the platform used to share these templates would be an additional investment of $17 - $47 per month. When your business is ready and if you choose to use them, it's 100% optional.

Social Media Marketing 

We have a plug and play social media marketing strategy that aligns with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Copy, customize, and paste 20+ done for you social media posts every month.

Swipe Website & Landing Pages

When you're ready to take your business to the next level, grab the ready to use swipe website pages and lead generation systems. With a few clicks and minor customization you have an online marketing business ready to serve the audience you're growing from your social media marketing efforts. 

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Don't fall for the myth that email is dead... Recent statistics reveal that email marketing returns on average $36 for every dollar spent. Small businesses report that email marketing is the marketing channel that brings them the highest return on investment. As a Core Wellness Coach you have email marketing and newsletter swipe files ready to plug and play!

Extensive Training on Topics That Serve You in Growing & Expanding Your Business

With the Core Wellness Team Path you will have access to an extensive library of training on topics from Naturopathy, how to share what you do with others, shifting your mindset, how to advance your marketing skills, how to develop as a leader, and MORE!

All at your fingertips to take at your own pace. 

They are ALL also optional... You're in control over you and your business success. We are here to guide and support you as you decide you're open and ready.

Our goal is to help you build a business that is authentic to you.

Core Wellness Team Training Hub

Instant Access to the Proven Plan, Launch Sequence, Social Media Posts & Scripts, Effective Mindset Shifting Resources, & More!

Equine Naturopathy 

Based on what Level you choose to join our Team, you will gain access to the corresponding Level of Equine Naturopathy Course(s)

Canine Naturopathy

Based on what Level you choose to join our Team, you will gain access to the corresponding Level of Canine Naturopathy Course(s)

Let's Move Forward!

We are here to help you take the next step. You may have questions and need additional information before you're ready to decide. 

That's okay. 

You might be ready to dive in and get started on our Team and we are ready to connect and get you off to a streamlined start!

Because we are an international team, we need to be sure to share the right link with you in order for you to make your initial investment to join our Team.

Please use the form below to connect with us. If you would prefer to talk with a team member via a phone or Zoom Chat, use the button to schedule a call.