Tangible Steps to Promoting Cell Health and Function

At the beginning of this series, we revealed the highest risk factors you must seek to balance when it comes to cell longevity!
The number one risk factor to your dog's cell health is oxidative stress.
Typically, what dog owners do to reduce oxidative stress is to utilize anti-oxidants. Supplements and nutrition options like bone broth, colostrum, green-lipped mussels, organ powders, turmeric, blueberries, kale, and eggshell membrane are common traditional antioxidant support for dogs. 

Nutrition support is where most dog owners begin and oftentimes even where they settle when it comes to promoting cell health and function... The shocking reality is that these basic anti-oxidants simply aren't enough to prevent the accumulation and build-up of oxidative stress within your dog's cells!
Although commonly utilized antioxidant support options for dogs don't have readily available ORAC value data... The image below will reveal common antioxidant options and how they compare to faslty accumulating oxidative stress within each cell. 

No need to worry or feel frustrated because there is a way to activate the body to protect itself! The best news is that unleashing and supporting the body in doing this process on its own is so much more effective. In fact, the body has been proven to reduce its own oxidative stress levels by as much as 40% with this type of activation.
This is done by stimulating the cells (each of the trillions within your dog's body) and allowing them to generate natural enzymes that devour the free radicals in ratios far surpassing the traditional understanding of anti-oxidants. This is how your dog's body would have neutralized oxidative stress when it was a young, vibrant and healthy puppy! 
When you activate the body in this way you are in turn giving the body what it needs to function in a more youthful and vibrant state.
So if you're currently utilizing nutrition to reduce your dog's oxidative stress that's great! Every little bit does help the body in looking and feeling its best.
But if you feel that tug in your heart that you want more for your dog... that you know that they deserve a safe and natural 40% acceleration and shift in their cell health and function then you need to get your dog started on Nrf2 activation!
Your Core Wellness Coach can help you get your dog started today or can provide you with additional information to help you choose if Nrf2 activation is the piece you've been missing in transforming your dog's health.
Remember that this is a take-action series! In order to see change, you must begin doing something new. 
We've shared 2 simple ways to improve your dog's cell health and function, and yes one option was a clear "winner" over the other. But they both serve to improve your dog's health, so choose what you will implement and take action before you move forward in the series.
Action Steps:
  • Learn more and get your dog started on Nrf2 activation - reducing oxidative stress by as much as 40% in 30 days
  • Select nutrition options such as bone broth, colostrum, green-lipped mussels, organ powders, turmeric, blueberries, kale, and eggshell membrane for nutritional anti-oxidant support
Implement these steps along with cleaning your dog's nutrition and restoring their digestive system and let the transformation begin!

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