Step #3 - Clean Species-Specific Nutrition


Take a moment and think about your special dog, even if you have a whole pack of pups. Raise your awareness and attention to one of them right now. Think of the precious moments and memories you have with that dog. 

How would it feel to be able to create space for more of those moments? Quality of time and life with that dog? 

Extending the quality of life and longevity for your dog is achievable and feeding species-appropriate nutrition is crucial to this goal and intention. 

The reality is that none of us knowingly feed or use products and supplements that hinder our dog’s health. Nor do I believe that experts are intentionally leading dog owners astray for what's best for their dogs...

But sadly, our dog’s food has become overly processed and full of cheap fillers, toxic chemicals, and inflammation-promoting synthetics. Many of the bags on your local pet food supply store shelves are full of cheap overcooked fillers and plant-based materials that don't serve your dog's best overall health. The rise in popularity of human-grade food ingredients is causing a shift in the quality of ingredients but there is still room for improvement in the dog food industry. 

There's no denying the rising number of concerns like allergies, ingredient intolerance, Addisons disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and other health imbalances in dogs. It’s a clear indication that we are missing the mark with all the scientifically proven and complete nutrition and our current care routines. 

What will it mean for your dog if you don’t clean their nutrition and get their health in balance? 

Many of us end up discovering this the hard way when one of our dogs "suddenly" gets ill or their health spirals out of control. 

Imagine for a moment that you own a diesel truck. You wouldn't fuel it up with gas, even if an “expert” told you to. You would disregard their recommendation regardless if others all around you listened. 

Unlike your car or truck, which would have rapid malfunctions and breakdowns if you put in the wrong fuel, your dog’s body can adapt for long periods of time. When their body begins to show the dysfunctions and concerns you’ve been feeding the wrong fuel for so long, often you don’t even connect that’s part of the problem. 

Furthermore, everyone around you is feeding the same thing. So why would you question anything at all? Yet, what you fail to realize is most of their dogs are also having the SAME or SIMILAR list of concerns. 

You might have scrolled down through this post and wondered “How can this series talk about nutrition without a bunch of graphs, ratios, and complicated charts?”

The truth is, you won’t find any cookie-cutter, scientifically proven, ratio and percentage balanced looks into canine nutrition in this series. Many of our Core Wellness Coaches have attended courses that teach this method, but it's not what we utilize day to day in our work or what we do with our personal dogs. Therefore, we choose to share with you what we have seen that produces results for our dogs and those of our clients.

What are you feeding?!?

The single most important decision you need to make is what are you feeding? 

And by that what I mean is, do you view your dog as an omnivore or carnivore? This decision is best made on looking at your dog... and learning basic anatomical traits they have to support what you decide.

As you look at your dog observe things like:

  • What kind of dentition (teeth) do they have? Does it model an omnivore or carnivore?
  • How does their jaw move and rotate?
  • Do they have wide flat molars for grinding plant material?
  • Do they have hypsodont teeth that continuously grow?
  • Do they have thick or thin enamel on their teeth?
  • Do they have a long digestive tract designed for fermentation?
  • What enzyme production is produced naturally within the body and where/when is it produced?

These might seem like strange questions compared to what is typical in how you look at your dog... And yet these are the very questions that serve you in making your own empowered and educated decision about what your dog should eat and what their ingredient list should contain.

Once you decided whether you feel your dog is an omnivore or carnivore you can then make more confident decisions on the food and supplements you select for them. If this isn't an area you wish to explore or you're looking for additional support with your dog's nutrition be sure to connect with a dog-focused Core Wellness Coach. Click here and we can get you connected with the right coach based on your dog's needs and your specific goals.

There you have it... You're now empowered with the 3 Surefire Steps to Transforming Your Dog's Health! 

Step #1 - Cell Health and Function
Step #2 - Digestive Health and Restoration
Step #3 - Clean Species-Specific Nutrition

It's time for us to revisit Step #1 again and share simple and tangible things you can implement it into your dog's care routine! Watch your inbox and we'll see you soon.

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