Step #3 Targeted Nutrition

Customized Health and Targeted Nutrition

When you're experiencing a health condition or concern, the cause is unique to you as an individual. Your genetics, history, lifestyle, and current state of health all serve a crucial role in understanding why you’re experiencing the imbalances you are. 

It could be as simple as experiencing a headache from not processing and releasing stress and negative energy in a healthy way. Or it could be that genetically your family is prone to certain health conditions that you need to raise your attention to prior to them becoming a concern.

Whether you're currently experiencing vibrant health or face current health imbalances and concerns customizing your personal care routine is important and crucial to achieving the results in your health that will allow you more energy, stamina, and motivation to be with your horses and your dogs! Many horse and dog owners when asked what prevents them from spending more time doing what they love with their animals' pain, fatigue, exhaustion, and lack of motivation/stamina are common responses. 

Improving cell health and function as we addressed in step one can often transform these factors substantially and yet targeted nutrition can amply the vitality you feel and ensure a better quality of life. After all, you need a well of energy to feed, water, clean up after, and properly care for the fur babies in your life and your two-legged human family members too!

Of course, we can't implement targeted nutrition without first addressing cell health and function. Because of the complexity and synergies that take place within the body to ensure what we put in is assimilated by the body. 

Areas of Weakness

Typically speaking we all have at least one area of our body that is compromised when our health is out of balance. For some it's respiratory, hormonal, cardiovascular, digestive, immune system, joints, etc. 

Do you know what your area of weakness is?

Do you believe you have more than one?

Raising your awareness of your specific areas of weakness will serve you in experiencing your best health and life.

Any symptoms you're experiencing now in your health journey, or even those that you've had in the past... Are messengers that were meant to serve you in understanding your body and becoming aware of its specific needs in response to the environment and state it was in; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because health encompasses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your life.

Health is a pursuit. A constant ebb and flow of substances and forces; of the physical and the energetic vibrations within the body. Although there is never a perfect balance within the body, health is present when the body’s systems and energies are harmonizing and synchronizing together. The world we live in has become inundated with hazards and disruptions that we must seek to consistently and persistently offset. 

Few will take this task on fully, for their personal health. The real reason is often hidden in a blind spot and disguised by comforting excuses like not having enough time, money, resources, or simply life getting in the way. Combine that with the ease and convenience of the current trends of the traditional health care system that sells and promises results and health from procedures, medications, and human ingenuity. 

Don’t be fooled, nature does not yield to our illusions. Disease and illness are signals from your body of disharmony and imbalance. No pill, procedure, or medication alone, will get to the root cause of the disruption. It might serve as a temporary distraction or relief of the symptoms or sounding alarm, but I assure you that is all. Modern medicine serves an important role in health care, especially during times of trauma, emergency, or injury. 

Yet, what commonly happens is you get caught up in a system of managing disease and masking disruptions that will empty your pocketbook and lead to prolonged suffering. When you show signs of a health condition, whether it be hives, labored breathing, sudden weight gain, or even persistent headaches it can appear that the problem came on suddenly. This is only because the health care industry as a whole has overlooked the subtle signs that your body gave leading to the bigger problem. 

Think for a minute about the boiling frog analogy… You know the one, where the pot of water starts at lukewarm and comfortable for the frog, then ever so slowly the heat is increased to the point of boiling. The frog, comfortable and unaware of the slowly rising temperatures remains until it’s too late to jump. For your health, it could have started with a slight mood change or decrease in your energy; maybe you noticed more eye fatigue, dryness of your skin, stiffness, or less mobility in your neck and shoulders. 

These slight shifts are often addressed by adding a medication or treatment that unknowingly serves as a mask to the cause and like the gradual warming of the water for the frog, your body “turns up the heat” with more and more signals that we often see as unrelated. Continuing the masking process until the “water boils”, which for you means a major health condition suddenly appears. It could look like heart issues, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, or a laundry list of other concerns. 

The good news is you can empower yourself to see and take action on the subtle signs. You’re Core Wellness Coach has tools and resources to share to help you listen to your body and get to the root cause and find harmony in your body.  

Ultimately, health is homeostasis and balance. When health is lost and disease sets in, don’t fall into the trap of honing in on the disease. This will simply further offset and wreak havoc on the systems of the body, ensuring that homeostasis will NOT be restored. Develop the core belief and understanding that disease is often the result of many previous symptoms and actions of the body being suppressed or treated versus listening to and properly resolving the subtle signs on the onset. 

Oftentimes in life, it’s best to go against the flow. Do the opposite of what you see others doing. Your health is no different! If you want to thrive with vibrant health, you need to do what most are simply not open and willing to do. You must master and anchor in on health. Keep in mind that mastery requires patience, which most people choose not to develop. They fall for quick fixes and bandaid approaches that will compound the negative effects in the future. Know that mastering health often feels counterintuitive at first. It also is a sharp contrast to what everyone in the industry has done, at least for many years. So resistance from your peers, mentors, and even the professionals you work with is likely and to be expected.  

If you're ready to begin a journey to health your Core Wellness Coach is ready to work alongside you.

And you're now empowered with the 3 Surefire Steps to Transforming Your Health! 

Step #1 - Cell Health and Function
Step #2 - Digestive Health and Restoration
Step #3 - Customized Targeted Nutrition

It's time for us to revisit Step #1 again and share simple and tangible ways you can implement it into your personal care routine! Watch your inbox and we'll see you soon.

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