Tangible Steps to Promoting Cell Health and Function

At the beginning of this series, we revealed the highest risk factors you must seek to balance when it comes to cell longevity!
The number one risk factor to your horse's cell health is oxidative stress. In one of our most popular blog posts, we discuss oxidative stress and how it links to your horse's health in more detail. Revealing peer-reviewed medical studies to back the reality that oxidative stress is one of the leading contributing factors to disease and dysfunction in the cells. 
For the sake of this article, we will remain focused on what effective action steps you can take to ensure you're taking oxidative stress by the reins and keeping it reduced and in control every day. 
Typically, what horse owners do to reduce oxidative stress is to utilize anti-oxidants. Supplements and nutrition that are high in Vitamin E and Vitamin C are most common for health professionals and even experts to recommend. 
It could be that your horse has access to fresh grass and they get ample Vitamin E from the forage they eat or you choose to boost intake with options like synthetic Vitamin E supplements or Rice Bran. Those can be great to support a low level of reduction in the oxidative stress that your horse experiences. 
There is a rise in popularity of feeding Rose Hips as an anti-oxidant as well. Rose Hips and Dandelion leaves are excellent sources of natural Vitamin C for your horse. 
Nutrition support is where most horse owners begin and oftentimes even where they settle when it comes to promoting cell health and function... The shocking reality is that these basic anti-oxidants simply aren't enough to prevent the accumulation and build-up of oxidative stress within your horse's cells!
An additional supportive method that is becoming more mainstream, is the use of essential oils for horses. One of the reasons for this is that essential oils serve to benefit cell health and function dramatically above and beyond what traditional nutritional remedies can support. 
For example, a serving size of Rose Hips has an ORAC value of 9,700 and similarly, Dandelion Greens have a recorded ORAC value of 9,600. What that means for your horse's health is that by utilizing Rose Hips and Dandelion Leaves you could serve your horse in neutralizing 19,300 free radicals that lead to oxidative stress. 
Sounds pretty good right?!?
The reason essential oils are recognized for being potent and supportive of reducing oxidative stress is that their ORAC values are typically substantially higher than that of whole foods alone. Here are a few representations of this fact: 
  • ORAC Value Clove Essential Oil    1,078,700
  • ORAC Value Myrrh Essential Oil    379,800
  • ORAC Value German Chamomile Essential Oil    218,600

This revelation empowers you with simple natural solutions to promote cell health and function for your horse!
And yet again, it's imperative to raise awareness that even the use of essential oils combined with nutrition support... You would still fall short of getting ahead of the snowball effect that oxidative stress can have.
No need to worry or feel frustrated because there is a way to activate the body to protect itself! The best news is that unleashing and supporting the body in doing this process on its own is so much more effective. In fact, the body has been proven to reduce its own oxidative stress levels by as much as 40% with this type of activation.
This is done by stimulating the cells (each of the trillions within your horse's body) and allowing them to generate natural enzymes that devour the free radicals in ratios far surpassing the traditional understanding of anti-oxidants. This is how your horse's body would have neutralized oxidative stress when it was a young, vibrant and healthy baby! 
When you activate the body in this way you are in turn giving the body what it needs to function in a more youthful and vibrant state.
Let's break down the numbers in a way that is relatable to the difference in reduction by reviewing the math of traditional anti-oxidants.
So if you're currently utilizing nutrition and essential oils to reduce oxidative stress that's great! Every little bit does help the body in looking and feeling its best.
But if you feel that tug in your heart that you want more for your horse... that you know that they deserve a safe and natural 40% acceleration and shift in their cell health and function then you need to get your horse started on Nrf2 activation!
Your Core Wellness Coach can help you get your horse started today or can provide you with additional information to help you choose if Nrf2 activation is the piece you've been missing in transforming your horse's health.
Remember that this is a take-action series! In order to see change, you must begin doing something new. 
We've shared 3 simple ways you can begin promoting your horse's cell health and function, and yes one option was a clear "winner" over the others. But they all serve to improve your horse's health, so choose what you will implement and take action before you move forward in the series.
Action Steps:
  • Learn more and get your horse started on Nrf2 activation - reducing oxidative stress by as much as 40% in 30 days
  • Add the use of essential oils to your horse's care routine
  • Select nutrition options such as Rose Hips, Dandelion Leaves, or synthetic Vitamin E for nutritional anti-oxidant support
Implement these steps along with cleaning your horse's nutrition and restoring their digestive system and let the transformation begin!

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