Are you passionate about holistic health? 

Are you open to additional streams of income? 

Would you like to turn your passion into a profitable reality?

Discover a proven path to teaching others how to implement effective holistic health practices for their horses, their dogs, and themselves in a way that generates more income for you!
The truth is, living your dream life on your 9-5 paycheck isn’t realistic. Neither is trading your time for money with professional services. Why? Because it’s built on a broken income model… One of linear income which means you do all the heavy lifting and you only see a limited financial benefit.

Your Time is Now

According to Precedence Research, the global health coach market size was accounted at USD 13.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach over USD 25.95 billion by 2030. Now is your time to get into this expanding industry!

In a June 2022 article Forbes stated that “the demand for qualified health coaches—and the number of roles available for these individuals—is increasing every day. Individuals from other fields are now pursuing health coaching as a viable and fulfilling career direction.”

Now more then ever people are aware of how important it is to take control of their health, of their horse's health, and their dog's health! Attending the Wellness Coach Summit is an investment into your future! It will empower you to decide what your best next step is. 

What Does Core Wellness Offer?

Choose to Join our Team or go Solo

Ultimately the best value and support comes when you join our Core Wellness Team Programs.

Alongside the mentorship and coursework of the Solo Programs, Core Wellness Coaches gain access to a full marketing strategy and plan to generate diverse income streams!

Both Canine and Equine Solo Programs are including with our Core Wellness Team Plan. To learn more about either our Solo or Team Programs select your preferred option below. 

Explore the Core Wellness Coach Team Path

Mentorship, training, skill building, beginner marketing strategy, advanced marketing strategy, diverse streams of income plan, products, and MORE!

Explore the Solo Equine Naturopathy Path

Discover a forgotten framework of care that will transform horse health.

Solo Canine Naturopathy Path

Launching in Spring of 2023! Join the waitlist and learn more.

Explore if becoming a Wellness Coach is the right fit for you!

During this 3 part series we break down everything you want and need to know about becoming a Wellness Coach. Because if you're thinking about making a career shift or just testing the waters, you likely have important questions that need answered before you can move forward. Here's what to expect from this FREE 3 Part Wellness Coach Summit.

Day 1

How to Empower Your Clients to Transform Health

We unpack what exactly is a Wellness Coach and how you can know if you want to become one... Then we reveal the 2 crucial skills you need to get your clients the results they desire. 

Day 2

How to Make Money as a Wellness Coach

You might wonder how a Wellness Coach makes money and if it can be a viable, profitable, and sustainable career path. We unpack these topics and more!  

Day 3

How to Get Trained to be the Best Wellness Coach
There are different paths and options to becoming a Wellness Coach. We'll explore the available paths allowing you to choose which path suits you best.

What isn't required to get started...

Certification or Degree

You don't need any certification or degrees to get started and it's okay if you do! All walks of life can serve as a Wellness Coach!


We understand you're not likely to have experience when you're just getting started... And that's okay.


There is no need to sacrifice your current job, business, or the hobbies that make you life enjoyable.

What is required to be successful as a wellness coach...

Be Passionate

You must have a passion for natural health and wellness for horses, dogs, and their humans! 

Be Consistent

Willing & able to invest consistent amounts of time investing in yourself and business, at least 1 hour per day 5 days per week.

Be Coachable

You must be open to learn and be coachable.